Being a car enthusiast of all different styles I have learned to appreciate the time and originality that people put in their rides. I cannot say the same for others in the community but I promise the older you get the more you will come to understand what I am talking about. Continue reading

Top 10 Paul Walker Scene’s in the Fast and Furious Franchise From The Fans!

When I was told to write a review of Furious 7 I could not have been more stoked. The adrenaline I felt like was when I’m at the line and pressing the gas to take my car to the extreme force I know it is capable of. But I didn’t want to do a normal review on the movie. I didn’t want to write something that has been written already. Plus it didn’t help that I have written this article about 40 times already and it never feels like I do it justice. It is like writing an obituary to a family member. No matter how many times you write it, it is not expressing your true feelings because there are no words. I just kept telling myself I was waiting a few weeks to let the craziness die down before we posted it but now that we have been waiting and waiting for it to calm down in the box office and after four weeks at #1, I decided to say, “screw it”. I can’t wait any longer, this movie has grossed over $1.32 billion; making it the 5th grossing movie of all time. And it is not that far behind number 4 either. Continue reading


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There is a magical place in the United States made up on the most popular beaches, hottest women, and the most diverse and exclusive car scene you have ever seen. Can you guess where I am talking about? No clue… Well, Florida is where you want to be and I guarantee you that when you go there at any time, on any weekend you will be in the center of a car show, car meet or even some races. Continue reading


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Well hello all you Happy Stancers! It is that time again where we bring you the best of the best rides around the world. This stop was not as far away as usual. We raced down the streets of New York to find this ride right in the Bronx, Home of the Yankees. Continue reading



There are things to be said about people in the car culture. What one likes others question. What one does others think it is crazy but it is the person that makes the machine. It is the person that drives the culture in all different avenues and places around the world. Continue reading



Once again we are back to bring you the best cars around the world and when I mean around the world we do not spare any expense to go to Japan, Russia, US and even places you have never heard of before. Learning about all of the different styles and automotive cultures in the world is one of the best parts of this job especially seeing something like the fine piece of machinery that I am writing about now. Continue reading