There is a country out there where you can be the king of cars, the master of the auto scene and the person that everyone envies. This country is not about what kind of car you have but what you have done to it. Is your car slammed, tucked, and bagged? Do you have turbo? What kind of body kit are you sporting? If it isn’t custom your game is weak. Continue reading

Subaru Suprise! // Robbie’s Sick Forester


Subaru is a well-known brand in the car industry with their boxer engine layout and their all wheel drive, but they didn’t start off as a car manufacture. It the early 1900’s their company name was different and they focused on aircrafts that were in World War II and moved to scooters, to change the name again to Fuji Heavy Industries. By the 1950’s the CEO decided that he wanted to tackle the car industry by storm so he created Subaru. Subaru is the sister company to Fuji Heavy Industries which is partnered with Toyota today. Continue reading

VIP STATUS // Jay’s Stunnin’ M45


We all know the different lifestyles in the car scene being, Drift, stance, Race…..etc. But what I’m bringing to you guys today is VIP. This crew comes all the way from Washington state. Jay The founder of this group started it simply because he felt the states were missing this style.

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Sitting Pretty // David’s Autobahn Edition Mk6


Did you ever notice something sitting around rotting away? How about something being neglected and not being cared for the way it needs to be? Yes I am talking about a car, what do you think I am talking about you dirty birdies. Oh, never mind I don’t think I want to know, or maybe I do. Wink wink!  We all have come across these times, and they are irritating. The owners will let that could be beautiful piece of a machine get neglected but they will not do anything about it. When asked if they want to sell it, they say no because one day they plan on doing something with it. When huh? When will you do something with it? Continue reading

French Connection // Aurelien’s Silvia S14a


There are many things that we know about other countries in the import industry. First, lets be honest that all the awesome cars are there. If I could only vacation in Japan to see all those rides, damn that would be sick. Can you imagine the car scene there and the shows. oh god the shows. Continue reading



Some car enthusiasts are born to love cars and others get sucked into this black hole later in life. There is no right or wrong time; there is no penalty the newbies receive because they have not been in the game as long as others. We live and breathe our cars and honestly even though I was born into a car lovers home I really admire the newbies. The usually enter into this crazy, obsessive lifestyle in after high school, they don’t know a darn thing about cars except for maybe they look “pretty” but they overcome that challenge. They want to have that car everyone looks at and they want to know everything that we known our whole lives.  Continue reading