Flossing Just Right // Mitchell’s 08 Xb

We are always intriqued with whats next, the new trend, or even what the next guy is doing. Peoples might say well you guys look all the same, thats not always true. Most of us bring different tastes to the table, some have the oppurtunities to have their own shops or just one guy that has that creative mind to create a work of art. But when the Xb came out i even said “what the hell can you do with that”, now a couple years later they are all over the place xtreme modified to just clean & simple. Continue reading

Project Soarer


After doing doing so much research he came up with a theme for it, the project “SOARER” which came out very well. He knew all along what he wanted, was to have a nice rear offset with a deep lip. The only wheel he pretty much saw that no one was using on the forums that was still quite new were the XXR 526s. Continue reading

Si Eddie


From the Garden State comes out a fresh 8th generation Honda Civic thats equipped with all the goodies. Its definitely  does stand out from all angles, from the wheels & tires, upgraded front end to the coilover suspension. Thats right no air ride on this bad boy. Equipped with D2 coilover/camber combination makes it an awesome ride to drive out in. Continue reading