There is a country out there where you can be the king of cars, the master of the auto scene and the person that everyone envies. This country is not about what kind of car you have but what you have done to it. Is your car slammed, tucked, and bagged? Do you have turbo? What kind of body kit are you sporting? If it isn’t custom your game is weak. Continue reading

SHOTS FIRED // Josua Paul’s Honda City Persona


Constructing cars is always a good time. Building a brand around a car you built is probably the single most radical thing you could do. Josua Paul of Indonesia did just that. He himself founded Speedtuner Autowardrobe. “This car is my mascot, he has helped me to reach all I’ve wanted.” Continue reading

Man’s Best Freind // Adhen’s 2005 Es2 Civic

We always have our own ways of feeling towards our own rides, i believe when your ride takes care of you and you take care of it. Its just like a dog, with the loyalty and get to knowing each other it will eventually be your best freind. Continue reading