Stance Dreamin’ // Hai Nguyen’s IS300

hai hs 4 edit

Once upon a time long long ago, a little boy dreamed that one day if he was lucky enough he would have his very own hooked up ride. Some guys dream of girls, others dream of money but Hai Nguyen dreamed of cars. Continue reading


Young & Addicted // Taryn’s IS300


Has anyone ever heard the saying, “You change your cars more than girls change their panties?” Well ok… maybe that was just my mom then, but this guy sure follows suit to that. Guys wish they could have as many girls as he has had cars in the last 2 years. This kid is ridiculous and a guy after my own heart. The 17 year old responsible for this 2004 IS 300s has built his fair share of cars.  And don’t get all jealous and think mommy and daddy are helping him with his car addiction. Taryn James works full time and by what I see he sinks every paycheck into his rides. That is an addiction we all know too well. Continue reading