Fresh Meet Spring Bash 2014 // Video Coverage

Fresh Meet Events Spring Bash 2014 came back with a high demand. Spectators, Enthusiasts & vendors nationally & locally came out to the event. Heavy hitters from the VIP spectrum to Rat rod’s were showing off their true passion for the culture. Once again Fresh Meet Events has did it again, letting everyone know this is definitely one of the events to be at on the East coast. Continue reading

PR Racing Expo 3rd Edition // Photo Coverage


Puerto Rico Racing Expo, 3rd edition.
Puerto Rico Racing Expo is the biggest Racing exhibition in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. In the exhibition there are many types of cars. You can see Drag cars, circuit cars, muscle cars, JDM cars, exotics, motorcycles and more. A one of many attractions that was there was the Fastest rotative Mazda of the world. Continue reading

Backyard Designz Co. // Division of Backyard Concepts


When I first started talking with Joe at Backyard Designz to be honest I was a little skeptical. Not with the man himself or his work because I had already seen quite a bit of it, but more at the task of being able to accurately describe the work he’s capable of doing. Joe is no novice to the car community or a wrench either. Continue reading

Changing the Game // Part.2 // Reg’s Pr5


Roll out the welcome mat for the second feature on one of California’s leaders of the Mazda movement. We last left off in mid-May with Reg eager to build upon his already beautiful PR5 wagon. Reg is no rookie, making a car like this takes more than money, the know-how, and an idea. Continue reading

Stance Inspired // Alex’s Corolla


Since the ripe old age of 16, Alex Ramos has been cruising the streets in one of his custom cars. There might even be a strong possibility that his ‘95 Toyota Corolla is older than you are. Alex just can’t seem to stay away from the game. But who can blame him? Continue reading