Changing the Game // Anthony’s Nissan Cube

When you admire cars, you always think that when you get your own car that your going to be different from others. To some its true, but to others they dont realize they keep doing the same thing all over again. An example, you buy a common car im not saying its a bad thing but what exactly your doing, changing up the color scheme, wheels, etc. Continue reading

Flossin’ // Yusisa’s Sir Cd6

Everybody knows already how happy i get when i see a stanced out ride, Especially when it has a killer color combo to it. The guys over in Japan definitely bring alot to the table where to many they brought out the passion of the stance fitment culture that we love today. Continue reading

Wagon Lifestyle // JunBun’s Orthia wagon

Individuals who are of fanatics of the JDM theme, are usually going crazy for the oem and aftermarket parts that they can get their hands on. Especially when a part is not made or regulated on location in where they are at, such like the west: as we call the states. We have seen the reformation of conversions of the ek9, ek4, vir-s or even the sir. But is more unique when you reform the Honda Orthia.

Continue reading