Fitted Fridays // Australia’s night life: The event was called Fitted Friday II MEGA MEET & GREET. It was a social event based in Sydney, Australia at eastern creek race way, plenty of cars were on display from street driven machines to race cars. From Jdm, Usdm, euros to exotic you name it, it was there. In Australia we car enthusiasts are more on the look out for highway patrols then anything else the scene is growing huge with only a handful that would dare to run their cars at the extreme as everyone else is scared to get their vehicles defected. Continue reading



Honda’s have been around for a while and the civic is no stranger to the people in the car world. It was popular when I was a kid, then when I was a teen and now as I am an adult. In the beginning everyone wanted a civic because they were the cheapest to buy and the easiest to hook up. Something breaks on it, don’t sweat, go to your local car shop, get the part and YouTube how to fix it. It is as simples as that, unless you need a new motor but even than there probably is a YouTube video for that. Continue reading


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Rain or shine SouthrnFresh team did it again, a well put event that shows the true passion & craftsmanship individuals have for their cars. You must be wondering why people show up to the event, well it sucks to be you because pictures don’t do any justice. Continue reading

JDM meets Stance // Kazuaki’s Integra


The definition of stance is to adjust a car’s camber, ride height, and spacing, so that the sidewall of the tire sits as flush as possible with the fender; or as some would say to turn an import into a low-rider. This trend originated from the old Japanese domestic market, as we all should know by now. Continue reading

Backyard Designz Co. // Division of Backyard Concepts


When I first started talking with Joe at Backyard Designz to be honest I was a little skeptical. Not with the man himself or his work because I had already seen quite a bit of it, but more at the task of being able to accurately describe the work he’s capable of doing. Joe is no novice to the car community or a wrench either. Continue reading

Definition of JDM // Frankie’s RHD Type R

Where do I start. Everybody who knows me, knows i always been a JDM freak & builder for many years. The perspective of putting aftermarket parts on a U.S vehicle is not a bargain to be honest it gets very expensive, you be suprise. Even if you buy a vehicle outside the states its a healthy cost, some might say why not just buy a regular car for the same price. Its not that easy to say, its all in the passion a person has. You might as what is JDM? means the Japanese domestic market is a term for Japan’s economic market for Japanese-brand goods, such as automobiles and parts. Continue reading