Best of Both Worlds // Wen’s 2007 Subaru STI


When you think of a Subaru, you think functionality. Most Subaru’s we see are off roading or rally cars. But a few people out there test the limits of there Subaru’s, and take their’s into the opposite direction. They go the form route and boy do these cars look amazing laying on the ground. Our good friend Wen from Greenville South Carolina, really shows us that Subaru’s don’t have to be rally monsters. Wen started with his 2007 Subaru STi, when he recieved the news that they were expecting a baby. Wen knew he would have to get something a little more practical for a family then his prelude. Continue reading

Being an OG // Chris Z.’s ’57 Bug


We all want to be original with our rides, really bringing a shock factor to people’s faces. It’s nice to walk around at a show and see all sorts of different rides and designs. If all cars looked the same shows would be boring. Original designs are what make the car world worth it. Continue reading

Girls just want to have fun too // Denise Bray’s MKV

DSC_0108 1

The car scene has changed, from being the guy’s night out to talk about cars and look at each other’s rides, to something completely different. The only time you really saw girls was with their boyfriends, or with their fathers. They were always looking at the cars but you never really saw them bringing a car. Continue reading