Backyard Designz Co. // Division of Backyard Concepts


When I first started talking with Joe at Backyard Designz to be honest I was a little skeptical. Not with the man himself or his work because I had already seen quite a bit of it, but more at the task of being able to accurately describe the work he’s capable of doing. Joe is no novice to the car community or a wrench either. Continue reading

Detail Oriented // Rudy’s ’06 G35 Sedan


On a day to day basis, most of us probably look at and access of hundreds of different vehicles. Most of the time without even knowing it or giving it a second look. From running around frantically trying to get everything sorted out in our day to day lives few things seem to grasp our attention. In this particular instance it would be difficult not to notice. A well thought out process, with excessive attention to detail, touching every far corner of auto tuning creating the perfect street driven, track worthy, show queen. Continue reading

Eastern Innovations // Tim’s Bagged Wrx


The past few issues we have brought you a lot of content from various countries, particularly in Europe. Although it’s always fun to cover whats going on in the other parts of the world, it’s nice to sometimes hit somewhere closer to home. With this issue we’d like to bring something a little different to the table. This is not the typical car feature. Although the Subaru you see before you is stunningly  beautiful, with a list of modifications that appeal to about anyone, I’d first like to go more into the man behind the car. Continue reading

LowLife Addictions // Jordy’s MKVI

I think most of us would consider our rides pretty low. Maybe even slammed. We buy over fenders, flares, and crazy offset wheels that look  unnaturally mean. We make sacrifices of reliability, excessive tire wear, and making what seems like 16 point turns all in the name of stance. We can’t drive more than 30 miles per hour on the average street due  to pot holes. And trying to explain this to the mass population is like explaining to the officer that just because I’m swerving doesn’t mean I’ve been drinking. Mostly we receive chuckles, shaken heads, and looks of confusion. People don’t understand the extent of modifying our cars. But to what extreme are most of us willing to take it? Continue reading