A true diamond in the rough; underrated, and underappreciated. It’s not easy for people to see a car for its true potential like owner William Lopez Hernandez. Many might see a Celica and consider it a lump of coal. After refinement, pressure, and of course some TLC, we are left with this jewel.

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Old School Swag // Pedro’s ’91 Civic Wagon


Since the very beginning Hondas were amongst the most popular car in the import scene. Can you guess how many were in the original Fast & Furious? Probably not because, yeah there was just that many. Civics, Preludes, Accords. 4 doors, 2 doors, and the 3 doors. (Hatches people, hatches). You can find them all over Auto trader and Craigslist and they are still going for loads of cash no matter what condition they’re in. The times they are changing though. Continue reading

Sky’s is the Limit // Jose’s 1999 Toyota Tercel


In today’s culture, everyone wants something different or unique. Something no one has seen before, and sometimes something someone would never do. Having that one rare piece of artwork nobody else has, or even changing your style every other week to catch everyone’s eyes. All in all, what I’m trying to say is everyone has their own style and unique taste. Continue reading