3 Massive days of WTAC 2014 race cars, show cars, food & more!

These teams from around the globe prepare an entire year just for this 3 day event time attack throughout the Eastern Creek race track.
Friday & Saturday was packed full of people from around the world!! Sunday was an all day event of drifting Formula D which was held in australia for the first time ever. Plenty of record breaking times on the day, if you are ever in australia during october make sure to visit this event. For more info visit: 

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Fitted Fridays // Australia’s night life: The event was called Fitted Friday II MEGA MEET & GREET. It was a social event based in Sydney, Australia at eastern creek race way, plenty of cars were on display from street driven machines to race cars. From Jdm, Usdm, euros to exotic you name it, it was there. In Australia we car enthusiasts are more on the look out for highway patrols then anything else the scene is growing huge with only a handful that would dare to run their cars at the extreme as everyone else is scared to get their vehicles defected. Continue reading



This was the Top Gear event held at Sydney Motorsport Park in Australia. All different types of cars were there from American, Japanese, Euro all under one complex. A great two day event from saturday to sunday, which was a relaxing family fun day. Even the police rocked up to show their support this was a very exciting event lots of cars to see!!!! with plenty of action but lets let the photo do the talking. Continue reading

World Time Attack Australia Eastern Creek Photo Coverage Part. 2


Competitors from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, Ireland all collide and battle it out both on time attack & the tectaloy drift competition. An amazing two day event it was so so….. many things to see yet so little time to take photos walking around the track in the blistering sun was already a struggle at that. An event which will be more and more popular each year i can guarantee that, Thank you to all the organizers & event staff without these people this even wouldn’t happen. Stay tuned as this is one of Australia’s fastest growing motorsport!!

World Time Attack Australia Eastern Creek Photo Coverage Part 1.


World Time Attack the event that hits australian shores by storm each and every year. Situated in Eastern Creek Sydney NSW, Australia. Time attack is getting bigger & faster as each year goes by. Top tuners from around the globe reunite to compete and to see who will dominate the world time attack circuit at eastern creek and crowned fastest of them all! (To be Continued)….. Continue reading