What is there to say other than “WOW”? What an experience. From the parties generously hosted by “The Internet”, to the infamous invite only “Porsche Curb Climb”; cough cough Greg ( @themysteriousman ). But of course, what’s a good time if not complimented by some beautiful cars and scenery? All in all it was a huge success, and couldn’t ask for more. Continue reading


Fresh Meet Event // Ocean City photo coverage pt:2

We bring you guys the second part of the Fresh Meet Event // Ocean City photo coverage. Hope you guys enjoy. Continue reading

Fresh Meet Event // Ocean City photo coverage pt:1


I was pretty excited to be attending Fresh Meet in Ocean City this year.  I was already at the beach for the OC Car Show since a few members of my club, ELITE Performance were participating…and we decided to stay for Fresh Meet.  This was going to be the first time I attended it did not disappoint!!  Everywhere you looked, you just saw cars sitting on the ground and sitting pretty!  It was awesome to see so many cars that you could tell had blood, sweat, tears and dedication into them.  Lots of different people from VA, MD, NJ/NY were there, music playing, great weather and overall a great vibe!  Everyone was there to show off their rides and have a good time!  Fresh Meet Summer Bash is coming up at the end of June in Jersey….I might have to make another road trip!  Continue reading