First Class Fitment 2013 Photo Coverage Part. 2


…..This entire set-up was on point. There was good food, good DJ’s, a couple great vendors like the Flipzco team showed face, and what I was most impressed with and note as most important was the flow of foot traffic. No matter where you started from, the event was a perfectly planned route. More appropriate, an automotive posh party. As a bonus, the spectator’s parking lot (a.k.a second class fitment) had some serious cars as well. All in all it was a huge success and I look forward to seeing what next year’s show has to offer.  Continue reading

First Class Fitment 2013 Photo Coverage part 1.


The 2013 annual Canibeat First Class Fitment truly defined “quality over quantity”. There may not have been a thousand players in this game, but who showed were heavy hitters. I personally spoke with one man who had his car painted a few hours before he drove from Florida to make it in the show. That alone is worth a show spot and I’m sure he was just one of many…. (to be continued)….. Continue reading

Import Expo X SNTRL 2013 // Photo Coverage Part 2.


………..Granted most attending cars had some sort of height adjustment in their suspension, but there was no lack in superior functionality here. Left and right there were perfectly polished turbo spools, and intercoolers to match. If only looks could kill right? These ones could.  As if that’s not enough, there are always a few eight piston calipers laying around just to be sure that these four-wheeled predators don’t get in their own way. The fact of the matter is, you can never go wrong with more performance. Truth be told “Not every show car is a race car, but every race car is a show car.” Continue reading

Import Expo X SNTRL 2013 // Photo Coverage Part 1.


Variety has never been a bad thing, and it certainly wasn’t lacking at last week’s import exposition. Hosted by the ever-growing SNTRL & Import Expo, Atlantic City was mobbed with the best of the East Coast and Canada. From Vic Morales and his tilted Brz, to Crazy Willy’s sr20det swapped ’68 Fairlady; whatever your fancy, it was there. Continue reading

Changing the Game // Part.2 // Reg’s Pr5


Roll out the welcome mat for the second feature on one of California’s leaders of the Mazda movement. We last left off in mid-May with Reg eager to build upon his already beautiful PR5 wagon. Reg is no rookie, making a car like this takes more than money, the know-how, and an idea. Continue reading