A true diamond in the rough; underrated, and underappreciated. It’s not easy for people to see a car for its true potential like owner William Lopez Hernandez. Many might see a Celica and consider it a lump of coal. After refinement, pressure, and of course some TLC, we are left with this jewel.

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Being able to have true creative freedom is one of the best parts of having your own car. From that spawns many great and inspirational cars; though we all know it doesn’t always end up how people had originally planned. In an attempt to back-bone an industry proudly unstructured, there exists a common idea that less can often be more. We see just that in Momm’s Volvo v50. Continue reading


What is there to say other than “WOW”? What an experience. From the parties generously hosted by “The Internet”, to the infamous invite only “Porsche Curb Climb”; cough cough Greg ( @themysteriousman ). But of course, what’s a good time if not complimented by some beautiful cars and scenery? All in all it was a huge success, and couldn’t ask for more. Continue reading

A+ Material // Plowy’s e90 BMW


When asked what it was that set him apart, Plowy Wesley replied “I’m not different; I’m just a guy who loves cars like everybody… so i wanted to have something that’s unique.” I would say he has just that; something unique. Plowy has managed to combine the classic and notable performance of the Bavarian Motor Works legacy, and the stunning new-era styling that many have come to love. He has just the right amount of good to his evil; his perfect mixture of arrogance, and the means to back it all up. Continue reading

SoWo 2014 // Video Coverage

Controlled Chaos –SoWo VIII

            The eighth annual SoWo (Southern Worthersee) held in Helen, Georgia may have been my first; but will certainly not be my last. I was originally skeptical of how good it could honestly be. I thought it would be the same few cars all weekend and few small parties in between… I was SO wrong. Continue reading

SHOTS FIRED // Josua Paul’s Honda City Persona


Constructing cars is always a good time. Building a brand around a car you built is probably the single most radical thing you could do. Josua Paul of Indonesia did just that. He himself founded Speedtuner Autowardrobe. “This car is my mascot, he has helped me to reach all I’ve wanted.” Continue reading