Dubbing it out! // Jeffery’s 58′ VW Bug


The addiction of cars is something all of us have. It is something others might not understand and we can never really explain. This happened recently to all of us with the tragic lose of Paul Walker. I don’t know if it was just me but I had so many people want to know why I was upset over someone I didn’t know personally and I realized no matter how much I tried to explain it. They would never get it. He was not just an actor in a movie; he was an icon to all of us. He was a beast on the screen and he brought that talent for the love of cars off of it too. Continue reading

Being an OG // Chris Z.’s ’57 Bug


We all want to be original with our rides, really bringing a shock factor to people’s faces. It’s nice to walk around at a show and see all sorts of different rides and designs. If all cars looked the same shows would be boring. Original designs are what make the car world worth it. Continue reading